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Youth Craft Show encourages young entrepreneurs

Youth Craft Show encourages young entrepreneurship
Posted at 5:18 PM, Nov 04, 2023

Alliance For Youth hosted its second annual Youth Craft Show on Saturday to give young individuals in the community the opportunity to show and sell the products they are passionate about.

The craft show is a way for the youth to interact with other kids and people in their community, while also expressing their creativity and getting positive feedback from the experience.


One of the vendors, 15-year-old Camden Repp, began making his products during the pandemic when he decided he wanted to do something positive and useful with his time.

“I just wanted a new hobby or something, so I decided to look up something and I found this, and I was like, that's really fun, so I kept doing it,” said Repp. “It escalated to this, and so now I just do a whole bunch of stuff and I make my own stuff up.”

Repp uses paracord to make bracelets, necklaces, keychains, hat bands, self-defense items and more. He started a small business called “The Crafty Cowboy” on Facebook and currently sells all his products through his Facebook account but is hoping to open a small store someday.

The main goal for the Youth Craft Show is that all the kids who participate as vendors and sell their products walk out of the event with more confidence, more experience and good feedback to learn and grow from.

It’s my second year involved in this craft show, and I really like [it] just because of the opportunity it gives youth in this community to kind of get into the craft show world,” said Emilia Doyon, a high school senior. “It's a really great community and Alliance For Youth is just amazing to be able to put this on for everybody to come in and just kind of display and showcase everybody's crafting abilities.”

Emilia has been quilting and crocheting for about six years, starting with her involvement in 4H. She makes crochet animals, quilt baby blankets, full-size quilts, quilt coasters and table runners, and more.

Emilia Doyon
Emilia Doyon

The craft show had a great turnout this year with about 22 youth vendors and lots of people from the community coming out to support their small businesses.