'Ignite 2023' highlights development in Great Falls and beyond

Ignite 2023
Posted at 6:26 PM, Jan 13, 2023

The Meadow Lark Country Club was filled on Friday morning with business owners, and organizations who pitched their plans for 2023 in front of nearly a hundred community members across Great Falls.

'Ignite 2023' is an energetic, fast-paced hybrid event where the Golden Triangle’s most exciting new business developments are announced. The format is simple and quick: three-minute presentations on projects that will either start or open in 2023.

New businesses and developments include housing, restaurants, agriculture, and healthcare.

Some have faced challenges in the past, but their dreams are now inching closer to reality.

“We’re looking to open in May," said Gibson Hotel owner Ty Rollins. "If all construction stays on course as it is, and we’re just super excited about finally wrapping up a project that’s taken way too long.” The Gibson Hotel will take over the old Greystone Inn location.

“We are a little delayed in construction," said Gina Revelle, manager of the Arc Apartments. "However, we have made up a little time. We have started leasing, so we are now leasing and pre-leasing for future builds, and buildings that are coming along."

Other projects include:

  • Alluvion Health - Roosevelt Project: The vacant Roosevelt Elementary School building located at 2501 2nd Avenue North will be used as a health center access to Alluvion Health's autism spectrum services and pediatric services.
  • Great Falls International Airport: Great Falls International Airport announced on Monday that Delta Airlines direct flights to Minneapolis are scheduled to return on February 17, 2023.
  • MSU College of Nursing: Received $101 million donation by Mark and Robyn Jones. The school says this is the largest donation they have received. They also hope to break ground on a new building after being located in the Benefis West Building.
  • Great Falls Clinic: Surgery clinic expansion with the goal of being completed by September of 2023.
  • TDS Fiber will soon be providing internet, television, and phone services.
  • Rib and Chop House will be located at 21 Third Street North with the hopes of opening in the Spring of 2023.

Great Falls will also welcome JS Fitness and Wellness, operated by personal trainer Jeff Spurgeon. They plan to open on January 26, 2023.

Pines and Plains Realty will be opening this month, with the goal of mentoring those who aim to get their brokers license.

Colonel Daniel Voorhies, Vice Commander of the 341st Missile Wing at Malmstrom Air Force Base, talked about the need for community growth, as Malmstrom continues to grow. He also noted that the base will have new missiles coming within the next few years.

Pasta Montana announced their new fava 3,000kg per hour Short Goods production line. Pasta Montana manufactures over seventy dry pasta shapes.

Montana Specialty Mills is known for their processing and marketing of their high-quality oilseeds, announced a 15-million-dollar specialty oils plant expansion.

President of Montana Specialty Mills Dave Loboy stated, "It’s important to us, because we can promote Montana agriculture as well as Montana food processing. The farm-to-table emphasis these days will not only promote the state of Montana, but more specifically, the city of Great Falls. We’re excited to be able to bring in food processing and manufacturing companies primarily, and promote Montana products, as well as Montana ingredients throughout the United States.”

Attendees say the future is looking bright across all sectors.

Vice President of Great Falls Development Authority Jolene Schalper stated, "My biggest message is that this is a team effort, and in order for Great Falls to be successful, In order for us to have a lower cost of living, and higher wages than the cost of living, so people have disposable income, we need everybody helping. I'm not just talking about elected officials, or leaders in the traditional sense. I'm talking about everybody. Talking to your neighbor and letting them know there's resources available to help their small business. Talking to your kids and say, 'hey, now is the time to move to Great Falls.'"

We will keep you updated on the progress of these businesses, and other ventures.


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