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Fire Prevention Week celebrated at Malmstrom AFB (video)

Posted at 5:41 PM, Oct 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-12 00:41:19-04

MALMSTROM AIR FORCE BASE — Fire Prevention Week was celebrated at Malmstrom Air Force Base on Friday.

The National Fire Protection Association website has information about fire prevention and safety, including this overview:

This year’s FPW campaign, “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape!” works to educate everyone about the small but important actions they can take to keep themselves and those around them safe.

In a typical home fire, you may have as little as one to two minutes to escape safely from the time the smoke alarm sounds. Escape planning and practice can help you make the most of the time you have, giving everyone enough time to get out. Importance of fire preventionIn a fire, mere seconds can mean the difference between a safe escape and a tragedy. Fire safety education isn’t just for school children. Teenagers, adults, and the elderly are also at risk in fires, making it important for every member of the community to take some time every October during Fire Prevention Week to make sure they understand how to stay safe in case of a fire.

On this site, you’ll find loads of educational resources to make sure that every person knows what to do in case of a fire. We have everything from apps to videos to printables and much more, to make sure you have the resources you need to keep your family, your community, and your city safe.

Fire Prevention week is in full swing at Malmstrom Air Force Base. Friday’s event was a firefighter throw-down competition that took place at the base fitness center.

They had everything from pulling weight, hammering metal, kettle bell swings, and a dummy pull.

The competition was designed to raise awareness about fire safety.