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Montana soldiers train at Fort Harrison

Military police trained near Helena this week
Posted: 1:02 PM, Aug 15, 2019
Updated: 2019-08-15 15:16:06-04
Military police trained near Helena this week

Military police trained at Fort Harrison near Helena this week on how to handle real-life dangerous scenarios in preparation for the possibility of an intruder entering on and off military-secured bases.

The unit training exercise moved from Lewistown to Fort Harrison with a total of 40 soldiers, all working in sync to master their tactical art form.

Sergeant Bret Haux said, “With this training, it's super important because you never know when stuff like this can happen and if you don't have training for it, you're not going to be prepared for it. We have been just going crazy with it and making it flawless so when it does ever happen on a military post or if we get stationed anywhere or say something fires like this, we're prepared.”

Sgt. Haux continued, “There's a couple different laws that the military has compared to regular law enforcement but other than that we are extremely almost streamlined together. We can work together. A lot of our MP's that are in the unit, are currently all over the state in law enforcement, so even with them being over training is almost identical."

First Lieutenant Silver Beaty began her career with the National Guard as a medic and slowly transitioned her way into Law Enforcement. Beaty currently designs all the hypothetical trainings for every soldier.

“We only get a certain amount of time throughout the year to train, so we really focus hard on the two weeks we are here. We are at an annual training, so we get about five days when we really get to focus on real-life first responder scenarios,” said Lt. Beaty.