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MAGIE set to return to Great Falls soon

MAGIE in Great Falls (January 2022)
Posted at 1:48 PM, Jan 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-07 02:49:33-05

GREAT FALLS — The Montana Agricultural & Industrial Exhibit, also known as MAGIE, will be conducting its 43rd annual three-day event in Great Falls with scores of exhibitors from around the United States and Canada.

Randy Bogden, Ag director for KMON radio, explained what attendees can expect: "They can expect the biggest, best tractors possible. They can expect industry experts. They can expect a whole bunch of producers. It's one of those events where they get to talk about what they're doing in their industry, and they kick some tires with some folks. They get to talk about things that are working for them, things that aren't going for them. It's a chance to maybe complain about the market, but also talk about some good things."

He added, "What it shows is how neccessary the Ag industry is. Agriculture is the basis of our country, it's the basis of Canada, and Mexico. Without agriculture, you wouldn't eat, I wouldn't eat. The clothing we wear, and the vehicles we drive, is all based on agriculture. This is a showcase for all of that, and the opportunity for these manufacturers to come in and introduce their technology and those general things to the public."

The MAGIE will be at the Pacific Steel & Recycling Four Seasons Arena at Montana ExpoPark. It will run from 9am to 5pm on Wednesday, January 18, and on Thursday, January 19; and from 9am until 4pm on Friday, January 20.

Visit the MAGIE website for more information.