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Cattle Breeding with Longevity
Posted at 8:38 AM, Feb 23, 2024

VALIER — In the video above, reporter Paul Sanchez visits the team at the Connelly Angus ranch to learn about producing high-quality bulls.

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If you're looking to purchase a cow for the first time or you're an old pro, you want to get them from good stock, helping with excellent structure and feed well outside the little town of Valier. A local family has been working for years focusing on bloodlines to produce an elite cow herd. Don Connelly is here to share with us his philosophy on breeding.

We're we're really fortunate that we're raising black Angus cattle associations, that a great job of promoting them as being the best breed out there. As far as the the cow calf producers, the feeder and consumer. And we're proud to be a seed start producer. We believe in the mother cow. I think that's the foundation of any sort of successful program. And we cater our business more towards a cow calf producer, the local producer around here that sells our calfs in the fall.

I guess our program, our slogan is genetics for the long run. You know it’s. We just feel like we have a product that, will satisfy our customers you know and keep them going for the long run, you know.

This third generation rancher has been producing high quality bulls for over 50 years.

Matt Connelly states basically, my grandpa, he was raising commercial cattle around here, and a lot of the neighbors thought he had pretty good cattle and pretty good eye for it. And so he started selling a couple of bulls and eventually switched registered this year going to be our 33rd annual production sale. He started selling bulls in 1974. Yeah, I guess that's kind of where it all started, Grandpa Connelly.

It's local ranchers like Connelly Angus Bulls that want to provide you the best bloodlines and genetics so you can produce a high quality calf year after year.

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