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Montana Ag Network: Teen entrepreneur unveils 'Made In The USA' handbag

Kate Stephens
Posted at 9:23 AM, Nov 15, 2021

NEAR DUTTON — Farming, fashion, and education are more than a hobby for 17-year old Kate Stephens, a fourth-generation Montana farmer, who has a successful YouTube channel educating consumers about where their food and clothing come from.

“I first started driving combine when I was 15 years old and I had such an awesome experience that I wanted to share with everyone I met and let them know about how their food gets to their table,” said Stephens. “I realized that not many people know where their food comes from.”

Stephens started Kate's Ag to show consumers firsthand where their food comes from, while also showcasing the agriculture items that are used in clothing.

With each of her YouTube videos racking up tens of thousands of views, Kate has educated consumers across the globe about food and where fiber for clothing comes from.

Kate Stephens and her grandfather Bob
Kate Stephens and her grandfather Bob

“I wanted to make a change and help bridge the gap between farmers and consumers,” Kate explained. “Educating people about how their food gets to their table. But not only does food start on a farm. Everything does. All natural fibers in clothing do as well.”

Kate served as a keynote speaker during the Montana Farmers Union Convention this fall, discussing her farm-to-table and farm-to-fashion business. During the convention, she debuted her 100% Made In The USA handbag.

“My handbag is made out of American cowhide leather which also starts on a farm,” Stephens said. “This handbag is made from the highest quality materials I could possibly find and constructed very well. I find it's very important to have the highest quality product at a great price point.”

Kate's Ag tote bag
Kate's Ag tote bag

Kate is working to reduce waste within the fashion industry. That is why she is taking pre-orders for her handbags starting in mid-December.

“The handbag is going to be manufactured and made in New York,” Stephens shared. “All leather is sourced from U.S. ranchers. The cotton liner starts on a farm and the liner is also made in the USA. Then I have a combine ornament on the front of the handbag on the closure that reminds people to shop locally and also about where their food and fiber and everything comes from.

Kate plans on attending Cornell University, then returning home to farm and grow her fashion line. Click here to visit her website.