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Montana Ag Network: Pulse growers can sign up for Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

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Posted at 10:13 PM, Oct 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-12 10:00:27-04

BILLINGS — From market disruptions because of trade wars to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been a challenging year for the U.S. pulse industry.

That’s why pulse growers like Flaxville's Paul Kanning, who’s also a member of the Montana Pulse Crop Committee, are encouraging other growers to visit their local Farm Service Agency and learn more about financial assistance that’s available through the second Coronavirus Food Assistance Program.

“Producers need to be aware when they're going in to file their paperwork and do their application, whether they're doing it for beef or wheat or canola or alfalfa, to also make sure that they're including their pulse information” said Kanning. “So, that they so that they get the opportunity to get those funds for their pulse crops.”

He says the difference between pulse crops and other commodities is that funding is based on 2019 revenue.

“With wheat, canola and livestock, you're basically reporting based upon acres or a number of livestock that you have” said Kanning. “Pulses are different. It's based upon your revenue from your sales last year. And of course, FSA does not have access to that information. That's something that you have to self- report. So, make sure you dig through all your paperwork and look at your sales from last year and report that number. There's a graduated scale from 10.6 down to 8.8% that you'll get back based upon those sales that you had last year.”

Paul says growers can apply for CFAP-2 runs through December 11.

“We all kind of get in a routine and assume that the way it was last time is the same way it's going to be this time” said Kanning. “And that's not true in this case. So, absolutely, take advantage of it, use it and tell your neighbors to do the same thing.”

For more information, pulse growers can visit their local FSA office or click here for the official website.