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Veterinarian ready to expand livestock care near Havre

Casey Solomon and husband Chancin
Posted at 2:21 PM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 20:20:55-05

Casey Solomon, a veterinarian at Milk River Genetics, is excited about the work about to take place on the land she and her husband ranch outside of Havre. "We'll start early this spring. We're working with some contractors now,” Solomon said.

She's using $50,000 she received through a Montana Department of Agriculture grant program to build what will essentially be a vet clinic for livestock. "We're able to provide better embryology services, more surgical care, more emergency and on-call type pf things with a better facility. In addition, I think the bigger thing we'll be able to do with the facility is house animals that need care for a longer period of time,” Solomon said.

With the grant, she'll be able to build the facility without having to charge more for her services.

Keeping the cost down maximizes the number of Ag producers who can use the service, which she said is important.

"Our services, the day-to-day things add increased revenue and organization and management to our producers' herds. They're able to produce better quality animals and hopefully save some lives also. Then, we're also able to diversify the products they're able to sell,” Solomon explained.

Her husband Chancin Solomon is also excited to be able to offer the service on his family's land. "Maybe add to the (family) legacy, but it's also starting something new. It's a dream we've had for awhile,” he said. "Both sides of the family, her family (and) my family, are pretty excited for it. It's a true blessing."

They plan to build what Casey calls the "big stuff" first and then build the rest of the facility as money allows.

Several others in Montana also received money through the grant program; click here to see the list.