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“We are going to find you:” 2nd anniversary of Ashley Loring’s disappearance passes

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jun 07, 2019

Ashley Loring HeavyRunner has now been missing for two years.

For her family, it’s a nightmare that won’t end.

Kimberly Loring, Ashley’s sister, said it’s unbelievable she’s still looking for answers.

“I should be talking to Ashley,” she said. “But I am still looking for Ashley.”

Ashley’s cousin, Lissa Loring, said sometimes they lose their faith due to how much time has passed.

“Why is it such a small town and no one is saying anything?” she asked.

Kimberly believes something awful happened to her sister. She told MTN News there are people who know what happened.

“If we have to live with the pain, they have to live with the shame,” she said.

After two years with no real leads, the frustration of not knowing what happened to Ashley is finally coming to a head as others have moved on.

“We have to see them every day or we have to see them talk about how good everything is going for them,” Lissa said. “That is what is really frustrating.”

Despite everything, Kimberly and Lissa have worked hard to make sure Ashley’s name is out there.

She has become a prominent face of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Movement.

“It feels good in a way, but then again, it should not be this way. You have that weird, odd balance there,” Lissa said.

Even though 730 grueling days have gone by, Ashley’s family said they will spend the rest of their lives looking for her.

“We are close,” Kimberly said. “We are going to find you.”

The community of Browning will host the second annual Ashley Loring Walk Saturday, June 8. There will also be a tree planting at the Blackfeet Community College (BCC). The walk begins at 1 p.m. at BCC.