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Lewis and Clark Humane Society overwhelmed with stray animals

Posted at 11:26 AM, Jul 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-07 13:26:35-04

HELENA — The Lewis and Clark Humane Society says it’s currently overwhelmed with cats and dogs.

The beginning of July is usually busy with lots of stray animals coming in, but this year there have also been many kittens birthed as well.

The shelter is completely full, but staff are still required to take in strays.

Staff say they cannot accept any owner turn-ins until they have enough space, which means getting people to adopt more animals.

“We have to take strays,” Katie Axline-Pittman, program coordinator for the human society, told MTN News. “We always do that. Owner turn-ins, we can say yes or no, but strays we have to. And unfortunately, this time of year, with fourth of July and the fireworks, we’re seeing strays more than we’re seeing anything else.”

The human society will now be offering free cat adoptions, and kittens will be just $50 through the end of next week.

For more information on the Lewis and Clark Humane Society and how you can adopt an animal, visit organization’s website here.