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40 vehicles involved, 30 vehicles towed after massive weekend pileup in Billings

Pile-up of 30+ cars along I-90
Pile-up of 30+ cars along I-90
Massive pile-up along I-90 in Billings
Posted at 9:41 AM, Mar 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-02 12:26:37-05

BILLINGS — The Montana Highway Patrol said Monday that 30 cars were confirmed towed from Interstate 90 after a multiple-car pileup crash on Saturday near the Lockwood exit. There were no fatalities, but several people were seriously injured.

Those 30 vehicles contained about 100 occupants. MHP Captain Keith Edgell said Monday afternoon that these numbers do not include the secondary accidents that occurred after the initial crash. All told, nearly 40 cars were involved.

Edgell said that those who had the ability to drive their vehicle were asked to move it out of the way to allow room for emergency vehicles to make it to the scene.

He added that crashes are common on this section of the interstate and in other areas with a bridge deck. “This was kind of the perfect storm. It was only a 30- or 40-minute blast of snow that hit us. Temperatures were just right,” said Edgell.

Edgell said that the occupants from two vehicles that were involved in the initial crash may have gotten out to check on one another. This caused other drivers to panic as they approached, resulting in the pileup.

Edgell said they are fortunate to have a small number of major injuries considering the magnitude of the pileup: “Some people were transported to the hospital. I believe it was only the two teenagers who were knocked off the bridge that were actually hospitalized. I believe everyone else was transported to the hospital and released."

Troopers sent out an email on Monday asking for anyone whose vehicle was damaged in the crash but were able to drive away to contact them. According to Capt. Edgell they are still waiting to hear from a number of those people. Contact if you have information about the crash or if your vehicle was involved.

Two teenagers from Lodge Grass are still hospitalized after sustaining serious injuries when they were knocked off of the Interstate 90 bridge; click here for details and how you can help the families.