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Ag Day celebrated at Shelby Elementary School

Ag Day celebrated at Shelby Elementary School
Ag Day at Shelby Elementary School
Posted at 4:54 PM, May 16, 2024

SHELBY — In the video above, Paul Sanchez reports on Ag Day at Shelby Elementary School.

Below is the video transcript provided by Paul Sanchez:

I'm here at Shelby Elementary School as all the third graders are celebrating AG Day. Happy Ag Day!

Kim Woodring the Toole County MSU Extension agent shared with me about Ag day. We are here for the Shelby AG days, this is a program that's been put on for 20 years here in Shelby. We also do this up in Sunburst. So I did them last week, and then Shelby this week. We partner with the local Conservation District and NRCs and the local Ag teacher and FFA to put on this program for the third graders in Shelby.

These young minds were so involved. Learning something new at every station.

Jadis Scarborough a Sophomore at Shelby High School told MTN News about her day. So we're helping out with Ag days today. And my Ag teacher and I decided that it would be kind of cool to teach some of the kids about Equine Science and stuff like that. So we just went ahead and taught them different parts of the Horse and parts of a saddle and stuff like that, and it was super cool. It was fun to see how the kids reacted to it.

Kim added well, I'm just happy to be in the classroom, as an education student at MSU. My goal was always to help the kids learn about where their food comes from. And I'm just so excited. I love hanging out with the little kids. And, you know, they're about my height. So it's really fun to, be a role model for them in agriculture.

The MSU extension and the community of Shelby is teaching the next generation about livestock and growing their own food.