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Beyond the Badge: Fort Benton Police K-9 adapting to his new job

Benny, the Fort Benton Police Department K9
Posted at 3:54 PM, Sep 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-08 19:43:33-04

FORT BENTON — One month ago, Montana This Morning welcomed Fort Benton Police K-9 Benny and his handler, Chief Adam Jacques into the studio. The two had just arrived home after a cross-country road trip from Ohio. The two spent a period in the Midwest training ahead of Benny’s hometown arrival.

A month has gone by, and Benny has quickly been put to work assisting other units in the Fort Benton area.

“He was able to go out and assist last week Hill County and FBI and an article search in which he found almost a half-pound of methamphetamine that was thrown out of a vehicle during a pursuit,” explained Chief Jacques.

It’s part of the goal that the Fort Benton Police Department has set to crack down on a growing drug issue in Montana.

Benny is the only narcotics K-9 throughout 4,000 square miles and he is being utilized to his full extent. More importantly, he has become a figurehead in his community.

“We're a very friendly community. I get a lot of waves and hi’s, but now it's kind of like, ‘Hey, where's Benny? Do you have Benny with you?’ Like, don't worry about me necessarily as much anymore. Where's the dog?”

Chief Jacques has accepted his partner in crime into his home with open arms. As much as Benny is all work, he’s a whole lot of play with a lot of puppy energy at two years old.

Adam and Benny spend two hours each day training and working on their search processes. They use a set logistics which is a synthetic methamphetamine in a package. For Benny, he associates the scent of narcotics with his ball. In his eyes, that scent makes his toy magically appear.

Aside from work, Adam and Benny continue to build their friendship together for the safety of their community.

“Don't come to Fort Benton or our little communities. Our community is against what's happening around the country with the increase in the Fentanyl overdoses and drug usage and we don't want that here, so Benny is on the look.”

Benny was funded by community donations to the Fort Benton Police Department.


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