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Bozeman's first new year baby born January 2

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Posted at 10:45 AM, Jan 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-04 12:45:18-05

BOZEMAN — The first delivery and birth is in the books in Bozeman, with the arrival of Cooper Flansaas—born on January 2 at 2:03 AM.

“Today marks the first official day of a family for us, and it’s a good day and definitely a good birthday present,” says Lance Flansaas, Cooper’s father.

Originally, Cooper was due on December 25, but it took about a week more for him to arrive. It just so happened to come on his father's birthday. Flansaas estimates it was a 40-hour labor.

“You know I think what we’ll remember most is that this kid is my only chance for a division two scholarship kid!” says Flansaas. “Hey, we may have a future bobcat in the making.”

Cooper, 22 inches, was already wearing a small, knit hat with blue and gold. Lance notes that he got around three hours of sleep in the past day and that his New Year's resolution is to try to get at least six hours of sleep a night.

“That would be a wonderful New Year's Resolution for us,” says Flansaas.

The Bozeman Health Foundation organized a special basket for the first baby born at Bozeman Health Deaconess Regional Medical Center.

“The nurses started this tradition years ago, in anticipation of the new baby we would donate different items,” says Beckie Walters, a Registered Nurse and current Lactation Coordinator. “Now the community helps as well. The organization has always been very generous and celebrating our new years baby.”

Walters notes that each baby is unique and special, and through the highs and lows the team is with the family.

Last year there were some baby names that were popular among parents:

Boys—Theodore was the most popular with 10 babies, and Theo with three babies. Followed by James with nine babies and William with eight babies.

Girls— Amelia was the most popular with nine babies, then tied for second is Olivia and Riley/Rylee/Ryle with six babies each. Finally, for third, there was a nine-way tie with five babies being born with each name: Adeline, Charlie/Charlee, Emma, Evelyn/Evelynn, Isabella, Layla/Laila/Laylah, Ruby, Quinn, and Willow.