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'Brickwood' is a true labor of (Lego) love

'Brickwood' is a true labor of (Lego) love
Posted at 7:19 PM, Jul 07, 2024

BILLINGS — Over the last decade, the Huebner household has dedicated three rooms to Lego with a center piece named Brickwood Adventure Park spanning 15.5-feet by 3.5-feet.

"I really always built (the park) thinking I would have this as something I would show other people," said David Huebner, who collects the popular Danish building block sets.

With more than 30,000 pieces making up the park and it's 17 attractions, the display takes approximately 16 hours to set up, according to David and his son, Sullivan Huebner.

“He handles the building, the layout, actually putting the models together," said Sullivan, "I try to bring them back for the second pass … where they come back and they say, ‘Oh, look, there’s Steve from Minecraft.”

During the five years of the diorama's construction, David and Sullivan said they became inspired by the reactions they received from audiences when the park is on display.

“I talk to a lot of kids that come and say, ‘Man, I always wanted to build – this," said David, "All of the sudden it became different for me.”

According to the company's website, Lego's mission is "to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow," an idea that David and Sullivan said is intended for everyone.

“I did my best to make sure that everybody who walked by that table had a chance to see themselves," said Sullivan, who explained that this year the father-son-duo emphasized inclusion in many of the scenes around the park.