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Caught on camera: Person sleeps through bear encounter

bear human crossing encounter
bear human crossing encounter
Posted at 9:15 AM, Aug 06, 2021

It was a close call for one person who decided to grab some rest at one of the wildlife underpass crossings on the Flathead Reservation.

CSKT Wildlife Management Program shared photos on social media of a person taking a break from the heat under Highway 93 when a bear decided to wander by.

“The wildlife crossing structures under US 93 are not a safe place to rest...for humans!” a social media post notes.

CSKT notes that animals often use the wildlife crossings and that they are not a safe place for people to camp and rest.

"Mountain lions, black bears, grizzly bear, white tailed bucks and does, coyotes and skunks use them day and night,” CSKT wildlife officials note.

People are asked to avoid using the crossing structures.

The person sleeping in the images caught on camera apparently slept through the entire encounter and CSKT wildlife officials say the bear moved on without incident.