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Couple doesn't let coronavirus stop their wedding day

Posted at 11:15 AM, Mar 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-18 13:24:25-04

BOZEMAN — An American citizen had to figure out a way to marry his Canadian fiance before they closed the Canada-U.S. border due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

MTN News talked with the couple to figure out how they chose to get married and celebrate love despite everything going on with the virus.

Ester and James Townly originally had to cancel their wedding when they heard the news of the coronavirus. "For the time being, we'll just have to see what happens with this whole thing," explained Ester.

The two had to think of something fast when they learned the border was going to be closed. So, they decided to get married right away. Some friends and family weren't able to go to the wedding due to travel restrictions, but Ester's parents were able to make it.

"Just a week ago, I was already mourning the fact that when the wedding takes place in April, as we thought, we would not be able to cross the border. I could see it's going to close, and I thought we were going to miss it. And I'm so thankful we're here right now," said Ulli Hertwig, Ester's mom.

And despite everything going on the two were able to get married on Tuesday.

The couple had to use video-chat service FaceTime so that family overseas could watch the ceremony, as well as some other adjustments, but the two decided not to let the coronavirus get in the way of their love.

The two are waiting to plan their honeymoon until things calm down and traveling is no longer restricted in certain places.

There are now 10 confirmed COVID-19 patients in Montana. Here is the publicly-released information about them:

  • Gallatin County (3): man in his 40s; recovering at home; acquired through international travel; 2 men in their 20s
  • Missoula County (3): man in his 50s, woman in her 30s; man in his 20s
  • Yellowstone County (2): woman in her 50s; recovering at home; acquired through international travel; woman in her 20s
  • Butte-Silver Bow County: man in his 50s; recovering at home; acquired domestically in affected areas out of state
  • Broadwater County: man in his 50s; recovering at home; acquired domestically in affected areas out of state

There are currently no confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Great Falls or Cascade County. KRTV is aware of concerns in the community about who should be tested and who is able to get tested, and are working to get answers from public health officials.