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"Cowgirl" TikTok series features Montana woman

Charli Alayna
Posted at 8:46 AM, Jul 11, 2022

Cowgirl magazine has launched what it calls a “TikTok Experiment” featuring Charli Alayna, the young wife of a Montana cowboy. The series is called “Through The Eyes of Charli: A COWGIRL TikTok Experiment.”

The series offers a look into the life of the newlywed couple, who recently moved to a ranch in Teton County to follow their dreams.

In her introduction, Charli tells the audience, “I met my husband when we were 14. We were just kids. I knew right away I wanted to marry him. We live in the beautiful state of Montana and have a German Shepherd puppy. He’s so full of energy, he keeps us busy. When we’re not working with cattle, my husband’s favorite thing to do is to go up into the mountains. I love to country swing dance.”

Charli is having a lot of fun using videos to document her life as the wife of a cowboy.

"I think the first video that really took off was kind of like a day in the life of a cowboying couple. It just kind of walked through the steps of saddling up and going through the pens and things like that. that was when people started giving me really good feedback and I thought 'Hey! Maybe I should make some more,’” Alayna said.

“Through The Eyes of Charli: A COWGIRL TikTok Experiment.”

During July, Cowgirl Magazine will be sharing some of her videos on the magazine's Tik Tok account.

"It is a little nerve-racking, but it's more so exciting than anything,” Alayna said.

You might say she's become somewhat of a celebrity: "It's a little overwhelming. That's a lot of people looking at me. But it's really encouraging to know that people actually enjoy what I'm doing,” Alayna said when asked what she thinks about one of her videos being viewed more than 60,000 times.

Along with her Tik Tok videos, she also has a blog.

"The possibilities with this are endless. My head's kind of spinning with all the ways I could go from here,” Alayna said.

Endless possibilities to continue what she believes is important work: "I think it's important because I'm not the type of person that was born into this. I wasn't born into a family that had a ranch or anything like that. I had to work my way into anything in the western industry. So I think it's important for people who are kind of in a similar situation as me to feel comfortable enough to just go for it."

You can follow the series @cowgirlmagazine every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


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