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Deaf dog survives 3 weeks away from Powell family

Posted at 7:37 PM, Aug 01, 2022

A family in Powell lost a dog on July 6th and found the dog on Thursday.

Bud, an American bulldog, lost a lot of weight, but made it through the hot days with very little water and food.

The Griffiths regularly walk their dogs on Bureau of Land Managament land known as the slopes, near Powell.

They were on their way home one day and had lost Bud, who fell out of the back of the pick-up truck.

They searched and searched and after three weeks, Bud survived.

"I was just so happy," said Lexis Griffith. "I didn't like cry or anything but it was just so exciting and I was calling everyone in the family telling them that I had him."

"I couldn't stop smiling," said Halle Griffith. "Until he was being aggressive, then I was kind of like, is he going to come out from this? Is he going to come back to normal? But he did and then I really couldn't stop smiling."

And Bud was a little scared when they first found him.

"He didn't recognize us," said Lexis. "He didn't recognize our dogs. So we just had to feed him treats and he finally came out."

And Bud is deaf.

"We've had to teach him sign language," Halle said.

The Griffiths posted on Facebook and other places and had help from all over the area

The family never lost hope and learned something about dogs and survival.

"Other people shouldn't lose hope if they lose their dogs because dogs are amazing," Lexis said. "'Three weeks is a long time out there with no food or water, anything, no houses. So I just I'm glad we never gave up looking for him."

"It was kind of hard to keep hope when we were doing that," Halle said. "But I guess just don't underestimate your dogs. because he's deaf and survived."

The girls say they'll get a tracker for Bud and have decided not to put him in the back of the pickup truck anymore.

"The vet said he's drinking water and eating well so he's gonna be okay," Lexis said. "He just has to put weight back on."