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Dogs provide morale boost for firefighters at Showdown

Posted at 7:57 PM, Aug 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-13 22:04:21-04

SHOWDOWN — Showdown Ski Area near Neihart looks a lot different without any snow on the mountains, but it is still being used by firefighters as a fire camp.

It is also the temporary home for several dogs that keep the place in shape and serve as a sort of therapy dog for the firefighters when they aren’t out on the lines.

The Showdown therapy puppies help the firefighters unwind and brighten the mood. They all belong to Showdown employees and are considered by most permanent residents of the ski hill.

Avery Patrick, marketing director for Showdown, says the dogs have been a huge morale boost to everyone and adds another social aspect to the firefighters daily lives.

“Everybody was super excited to see the dogs and we get to hear stories about the firefighters’ dogs and share pictures and it helps boost morale,” Patrick said.

There are currently four dogs at the lodge. Bubba and Turbo are spaniels, Annie is a yellow lab, and Junior is a ten-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog. The number of dogs can vary but these four are holding the fort down and keeping everyone plenty of company.

No one is exactly sure what day the firefighters will be ready to leave the ski hill, but they’ll have canine companions with them the whole time.