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Eden business works to produce healthy livestock feed

Eden business works to produce healthy livestock feed
Laura Kropf
Tom Kropf
Posted at 9:17 AM, Jan 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-16 11:15:20-05

EDEN — Eden Feeds is a family-owned business that started in Eden, a small community several miles south of Great Falls.

Tom and Laura Kropf, the owners and managers, are working on providing locally-grown grains to produce healthy livestock feeds.

As costs in livestock feeds continue to rise, they hope to offer more affordable prices.

Laura said, "We try really hard to keep it affordable. It's one of our main missions or visions I guess for the company is keeping it affordable so people are able to feed healthier feeds."

A part of their mission is to offer non-GMO, soy free, and corn-free based products to help produce healthy livestock - the type of feeds that are hard to come by.

She continued, "Our big focus of course is non-GMO. We avoid soy and corn. We source as high quality as we can, but try to keep the prices low as we can."

But like any small business, maintaining affordable prices can be a challenge.

Tom stated, "Right now of course we got inflation that's nationwide. It's affecting everything, so that is part of it. The biggest thing at least for us that's been affecting us and our price increasing is the drought. It's kind of a historical drought and for example, the pea price I'm paying right now, almost three times the as much for my peas as I was a year ago. Trucking companies have had a hard time finding people and our costs to get a pallet from here has went up from like 78 dollars to 300 dollars or more so we just are making sure we are keeping more inventory at hand, and ordering sooner."

But as Eden Feeds continues to offer affordable prices, staying connected to the natural way of living and keeping livestock as healthy as possible remains important.

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