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Famed Cardwell steakhouse reopens after devastating fire

Lahood Park Steakhouse
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Posted at 6:44 PM, Jan 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-17 20:47:34-05

CARDWELL — In late September 2021, the famed Lahood Park Steakhouse was reduced to a pile of burnt cinders, but it’s now back with a beautiful view of the Jefferson River Valley.

Phil Lalich, who has owned the restaurant for four years, said it was a shock after the fire.

“You don’t really realize what you’ve lost, it takes a little while for that to sink in, you know, I’m not the kind of guy who wallows in the past, so when I made a decision to rebuild, so here it is,” said Lalich.

The new restaurant is just a little bit south of the former location with a great view of the Jefferson River.

The Butte native even furnished the new restaurant with the bar and barback from the former Montana Bar in Butte that his father used to own.

LaHood Steakhouse

Coincidentally, the bar and barback were in the Irish Times Bar when it was damaged in a fire in 2020. It took him 1,000 hours to restore it.

“And it looks a lot like a remember as a child when I was in my dad’s place,” he said.

The new restaurant just recently opened for businesses and customers are happy to have it back.

“I get a lot of hugs, people tell me they’re very happy were open again, lots of good people walk through that door every day, lots of good people,” said Lalich.

The restaurant is open Wednesday through Sunday from 4 PM. to 9 PM.