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Family wants answers in Crow Agency woman's death

Elsie Little Light
Posted at 6:15 PM, Dec 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-14 20:29:37-05

A family is searching for answers in the death of Elsie Little Light, 39 years old, who died after reportedly being hit by a vehicle on I-90 near Crow Agency last week.

Family members are frustrated, and say that law enforcement agencies have provided no information about the incident.

“My frustration is that there is no report to say that Elsie has died, no report, no communication from law enforcement," said Julia Kelly, Elsie's aunt.

Kelly says early Friday morning, Little Light's family was notified by law enforcement that she had been killed several hours earlier on the side of I-90 in an apparent hit-and-run.

Elsie Little Light
Elsie Little Light

Kelly, whose sister is Elsie's mother, says they're not sure why Elsie was on the side of I-90, if or where she was walking, and other details the family is desperate to know.

“That’s all we know. No communication from law enforcement since Friday morning. This is Wednesday," Kelly said.

Kelly says Little Light was a mother and grandmother, and remembers her laughter and love of family.

"She would say something just to make me laugh, she would do that with a lot of people. She was very outgoing," Kelly said.

Julia Kelly
Julia Kelly

While so much is known about Little Light's life, Kelly and her family know almost nothing about her death.

“My niece is not some damn deer on the side of the road. You cannot say that this did not happen.”

As the family looks for answers—MTN News is, too.

The Montana Highway Patrol told MTN they're aware of the incident but was unable to send an incident report as of Wednesday.

On Wednesday evening, the FBI told MTN they are looking into the incident, while the Big Horn County Sheriff's Office and the Bureau of Indian Affairs have not yet responded to requests for information.


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