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First Peoples Buffalo Jump hosted a "Trim the Tree" event

First Peoples Buffalo Jump hosted a "Trim the Tree" event
First People’s Buffalo Jump State Park near Ulm, Montana
Posted at 7:00 PM, Dec 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-03 21:21:18-05

First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park hosted a "Trim the Tree" event on Saturday where attendees got the chance to get a early start to the holiday spirit as we enter the first weekend of December.

First Peoples Buffalo Jump hosted a "Trim the Tree" event

Activities consisted of making crafts and ornaments to help set up the park's Christmas tree.

Park Ranger Alice Southworth stated, "It was my idea to bring something else this time of the year to the park, once the fall is over with and all the big events of the summer. This is just a way to bring people, kids especially, out to the Buffalo Jump to celebrate the holiday season."

The event was more than just simply getting into the Christmas spirit. With one of the largest buffalo jump sites in the nation, Southworth said that an event like this is also about giving people the opportunity to learn more about the park's amenities and exploring its history.

"My job is to bring people out to the park, learn about the history and the culture," Southworth said. "This is just one more way of doing that with culturally appropriate themed holiday ornaments. They can make their own painted tee-pee ornaments, and their own little bison ornament, among other things. It's just a way to kind of keep the summer rolling along, get people to keep coming out to our parks even during the slower time of the year."