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Fundraiser aims to upgrade playgrounds in Stockett, Sand Coulee, and Tracy

Fundraiser aims to upgrade playgrounds Stockett, Sand Coulee, and Tracy
Fundraiser aims to upgrade playgrounds Stockett, Sand Coulee, and Tracy
Posted at 5:36 PM, Jun 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-15 11:05:35-04

STOCKETT — People in Stockett recently created a fundraiser to help add some equipment to playgrounds in the communities of Stockett, Sand Coulee, and Tracy.

The effort started as a children's lemonade stand, and developed into a fundraising effort.

Linnea Bucher set up a GoFundMe contributing $20 herself, after stating the kids raised $18 in their efforts to purchase a slide for the playground.

"They were so excited that they had 18 dollars to get a slide for the park," Bucher said. "Unfortunately, the 18 dollars doesn't buy a big slide."

Bucher said the increase in families with children moving into these rural areas means the need is growing.

She explained, "We have gotten more kids in town, and they have been wanting more equipment. A lot of equipment is probably 30, 40 years old. We've added on here and there, but what really got me was when my son and some of his friends decided they were going to do a lemonade stand, and only after they did the lemonade stand is when they told me about why they wanted to do it."

Bucher's son Granett, who set up the lemonade stand, said, "We really just wanted to raise it because it would be a lot 'funner' for everybody here."

The goal is to raise $15,000, with proceeds split three ways.

"I just think it's really important because the more increase in kids that we have in Stockett, Tracy, and Sand Coulee, they need to know there's somebody that cares, that wants them to have something, at the park," said Linnea.

Some additions to the playgrounds include rubber tires, slides, and swings. Click here if you would like to donate.

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