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FWP: Black bear getting into Missoula homes

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Posted at 3:39 PM, Aug 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-11 20:23:45-04

MISSOULA — State wildlife officials report that a black bear has broken into several Missoula-area homes in recent days.

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP) spokeswoman Vivaca Crowser said, "We've had a black bear (likely the same bear)" get into four homes over the past 10 days in the Rattlesnake neighborhood."

Crowser noted in an email that the bear usually goes into a garage and then into the home and searching out food.

FWP is trying to trap the bear "because when a bear repeats this behavior it is a safety concern and typically a habit that you can't break," according to Crowser.

She added that if that is the case, the bear would likely be euthanized.

People are asked to keep their buildings secured and to keep any bear attractants — such as pet food or garbage — inside.

Bear activity is increasing across the state. Farmers, ranchers, homeowners and outdoor recreationists should be prepared to encounter bears anywhere in western Montana as their population and range continues to expand.  

For more information on living, working and recreating in Montana’s bear country, visit the FWP Bear Aware website.