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Helena potter partners with Seth Rogen for décor

Posted at 12:01 PM, Oct 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-19 14:05:15-04

HELENA — Adam Field, a Helena potter, recently partnered with filmmaker and actor Seth Rogen to create a fresh line of pottery for Rogen’s company, Houseplant.

Houseplant showcases hand-crafted home décor and highlights legal cannabis. The collaboration between the two artists began with a friendship based on mutual respect for each other’s handiwork behind the pottery wheel.

This soon evolved into a business partnership with Field being featured on Houseplant Presents – a project of the Houseplant business that collaborates with potters whose work Rogen admires.

The collaboration between the two artists features an ashtray originally designed by Rogen, and then expanded upon by Field. There is also a ceramic cup that matches the ashtray.

Much of the inspiration for Field’s unique designs come from the natural geometric shapes found in nature right here in Montana.

Houseplant meeting with Rogan and Field

Finding geometry that's embedded in the natural world and seeing something that at first glance in nature kind of just seems random without a system to it and then realizing oh no that seed pod is broken down into very specific geometry, or that flower, or that beehive,” Field says, “You know, observing nature, and then running it through the filter, and then distilling it down to those things that I find interesting, and how I can then express those onto the pieces.”

Rogen has been known to use his spotlight to shine attention on important issues such as Alzheimer’s.

Field finds Rogen’s recent interest and excitement in ceramics to be a positive for the community at large, especially for those who may have very little to no exposure to homemade pottery pieces.

“In a world where we are getting so many things, objects in our lives that are manufactured anonymously or by a large corporation to be able to have an actual individual connected to these objects is important. It's filling a void,” Field says.

If you’re interested in learning more about these pieces you can go to For more information about Field’s work, you can go to his website at