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Helena public schools will require masks for pre-K to 8th-grade students

Helena Public Schools
Posted at 10:11 AM, Aug 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-11 12:17:38-04

HELENA — Hundreds of people were at the Helena Public Schools Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday - in-person and online - to comment on the district’s masking policy

HPS Superintendent Rex Wells recommended that masks be mandated for pre-K through eighth grade, due to high COVID transmission rates in Lewis & Clark County.

Masks would not be mandated if transmission rates are zero to 49 cases in the county.

“Even from the beginning, trustees and I say they want to keep students in school, and thus since they are unvaccinated it makes sense for them to wear a mask inside the schools,” said Wells.

Many parents and community members spoke out against masks in schools.

“I would recommend the schools focus on teaching and stay out of healthcare, “said one community member.

Others supported masking - with some suggesting amending the policy to keep masks on district-wide.

“As of right now in Montana, we only have 30% of 12 to 18 year olds vaccinated and obviously children less than twelve cannot be vaccinated but with this new delta variant, 90-percent of all children vaccinated would be the reach of protection we need,” said Erin Green, a pediatrician in Helena.

The board faced three options: keep the current policy in which masks are recommended; accept the new policy to mandate masks for pre-K through 8th grade; or amend the policy.

The board meeting started at 5:30 pm on Tuesday and stretched well into the evening.

The board reached a decision of 7 to 1 to adopt the policy, in which Pre-K to 8th grade students will be masked during high-transmission periods and high school students will be recommended to wea masks.