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House fire devastates Ennis family

“I hit my knees and I prayed,” said Brian Rider.
Posted at 3:38 PM, Dec 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-04 17:38:56-05

ENNIS — They say they can’t believe it happened to them, watching flames engulf their home in Ennis—a place once filled with good memories is now filled with ashes.

“I hit my knees and I prayed,” said Brian Rider. "I said Lord, protect these homes, protect these people, don’t let our misfortune spread to everybody else.”

The night of November 27, Abbie Devries and Brian Rider faced a true nightmare.

“We were standing in our kitchen just getting ready for the night, just gave the baby a bath and started to smell smoke,” said Brian.

Abbie looked behind their pellet stove and discovered a coat hanger had caught fire.

“And it was too late,” said Abbie. “A spark from that hanger had shot up into the wall.”

Amid the panic, the first thing that ran across Brian’s mind was getting Abbie and their daughter Kenzie to safety.

“I got them out right away,” said Brian, "but I had to go back in twice for all the dogs.”

In just 10 minutes, their entire house was engulfed in fire, leaving Brian no time to grab any of their belongings.

“It filled with smoke, and I was in there relying on memory of how to get out,” said Brian.

Once his family was safe, Brian focused his attention on his neighbors.

ennis family house fire.jpg

“I ran next door, cleared the elderly lady and her dogs,” said Brian. “Just like, this was all we had, that was all they had too—I couldn’t have lived with myself if anyone got hurt.”

“And luckily they didn’t,” said Abbie. “By the grace of God.”

Even after losing everything, God’s grace is what Abbie and Brian say they’re leaning on now.

“I don’t care about my stuff,” said Abbie. “I care about hers, the stuff that Kenzie loved.

“Everyone’s just pulled together to help us, and we really appreciate it,” said Brian.

In fact, over at the Ennis Assembly of God sits a pile of donations for Abbie and Brian.

The local grocery store, Madison Foods, has set up a community fund to help them as well.

To reach the Ennis Assembly of God, call 406-682-4197. To reach Abbie and Brian for specific needs, you can call 406-640-7587.

 “We’re just trying to wrap our heads around what to do next,” said Brian.

But even after all they’ve endured?

“We’re trying to keep our hopes up and lean on our faith,” said Brian. “Because God has always provided and we know he’ll do it again.”