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Historic LaHood Steakhouse near Cardwell destroyed by fire

Iconic LaHood Steakhouse near Cardwell destroyed by fire
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Posted at 6:29 PM, Sep 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-30 23:03:37-04

JEFFERSON COUNTY — The LaHood Park Steakhouse near Cardwell was destroyed by fire early Thursday (September 30, 2021). There were occupants living in a lower floor of the building who escaped from the building and contacted the owner, who called 911.

The fire leveled the historic bar and restaurant which was built in 1928. The restaurant is located along a rural part of Highway 2 near the Jefferson River and about two miles south of Cardwell.

Maureen Martin was sad to see the historic building go up in flames. Her father owned the restaurant back in the 60s, and she said the current owner did a great job improving the business.

“My dad would have been thrilled if he was alive for all the improvements that Phil made. The bar was beautiful, the restaurant, he redid the whole inside. It just made me so proud,” said Martin.

For those who live in this community, it’s more than just the loss of a business, it’s a loss of a piece of their history and it’s very personal.

“It’s just devastating to not see it, and I sent pictures to my siblings and we all feel the same, it was very devastating to have lost it, it’s just gone now,” said Martin.

The owners posted on Facebook:

LaHood was consumed by fire early this morning. Our hearts are so broken. It's such a tragic loss for Phil, our amazing LaHood family and our community.
We will truly miss all of you and appreciate all the continued support over the years.
LaHood was a gathering spot and a magnet for some of the most wonderful people, salt of the earth people you wouldn't find anywhere else and we made new friends every day. We are grateful for the opportunity to meet and get to know so many of you!
It was such a labor of love and will be deeply missed in so many ways.
Thank you all

There were no injuries reported, and the cause of the fire is being investigated.