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"Jack's Army" bridge aims to bring strength and hope to Missoula community

"Jack's Army" bridge aims to bring strength and hope to Missoula community
Posted at 12:55 PM, Dec 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-28 15:02:20-05

MISSOULA — The Missoula community is rallying behind a Jack Berry, a 14-year old boy fighting cancer, and you might’ve seen the "Jack’s Army" signs around town that are showing support for Jack.

Jack recently returned home from his third round of intensive cancer treatment - and now Jack’s Army is taking their support to a new level by creating a bridge - one that focuses on hope and strength.

Andrew Drobeck is a Missoula firefighter, and is a part of the Missoula Firefighters Benevolent Association Committee, who is spearheading the project. He says Jack’s Army wanted to do something more, and create a place where others can come and find strength.

“[We] really wanted to capture just the energy of Jack's Army and the community coming together,” said Drobeck.

Andrew Drobeck

At the corner of southwest Higgins and Pattee Canyon there is a little spot that has become a natural foot bridge for people to cross Pattee Creek.

“Get a sense of hope from it, they can kind of understand what community is what community is about," said Drobeck. "And we hope you know, someday there's gonna be another kid and instead of Jack's army bridge, we can look at this and we can go help you know that another kid that kind of needs that community support. Not everybody has that big support network right behind them. And so it's to Inspire, Inspire people and there's just a lot of good that can come in this bridge, just in the future.”

Channeling the power of community, the group has been receiving guidance and help from professionals.

“There's been so many people, professional people that have kind of stepped in when they've seen it seen us going astray and are willing to do the work for us pro bono, and without those people and it's again it goes back to that having that support network and that community all coming together to make this happen," Drobeck told MTN News.

The Berry Family

The group is currently working through the stream permitting process.

Although they plan to have the bridge up and ready for use next year, the group still needs around$25,000.