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A new engine for the Jefferson City Volunteer Fire Department

Jefferson City gets a new fire engine
Jefferson City gets a new fire engine
Posted at 1:22 PM, Feb 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-23 15:27:18-05

JEFFERSON CITY — Since the Jefferson City Volunteer Fire Department was formed 70 years ago, they have never had a new engine - until this month.

“We really haven't had new stuff since we had been financially strapped, we are so happy to be moving up,” said Jefferson City Fire Chief Keith Wear.

The new engine was funded by the Pegasus Gold Mine property taxes.

But due to supply chain issues, the engine took a little bit longer to get to Montana.

“We ordered it a year ago and it just got here. There were a lot of problems with the computer chips and little odds and ends that were getting on the back order, and we got it from South Dakota where it was made,” said Wear.

Wear says this new engine seats five firefighters and one engineer, compared to their older model which seats just three firefighters and one engineer.

The new engine also features high-tech air tanks that are attached to the seat and can be detached with a button.

The agency noted on its Facebook page:

The brand new 2022 truck will replace our 1979 pumper, which we hope to give away to a Montana fire department that needs it. A decade ago we were the VFD in need of a truck, and it was donated to us by Three Mile VFD out of Stevensville, MT, and it served this community well for many years.

Despite the long wait, Wear is excited to get the new engine on the ground battling fires.

“We are very proud of it and we cannot wait to put it in service, we are working on it now,” said Wear.