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Lack of Snow Closes Teton Pass Ski Resort

Teton Pass Ski Resort Closes for Season
Posted at 5:59 PM, Feb 12, 2024

CHOTEAU — Skiing is a part of Montana. And the locals love to go to places like Maverick Mountain. Great Divide Ski Area, Showdown Montana, Bear Paul Ski Bowl and the Teton Pass Ski Resort. Well, unfortunately, Mother Nature has thrown us a curveball this winter, making it challenging for some ski resorts to stay open. Charles from the Teton Ski Resort has some saddening news for local skiers.

Charles Hlavac:

We had the unfortunate circumstances of needing to make a decision, and that decision was too close for the remainder of the season. We've been waiting for the last, you know, 8 to 10 weeks since the Christmas holiday season for winter to show up. And unfortunately, we're experiencing the biggest drought in the winter time we've had in the last 55 years.

Paul Sanchez:

Due to the lack of snowfall, the Teton Pass Ski Resort was only able to open the mountain for four days.

Charles Hlavac:

I put out this message, didn't know what the expectation was going to be. The response has been tremendous. And one thing that is really unique, Montana has this really tight knit group of ski area operators, and a lot of us are we're all in the same boat and they've, they've called me, in response to that closure and they've, they've all told us that they'd be willing to accept our pass holders at their mountains. You know. And so, number one, get out and support the other ones that are still going. I think that's the most important thing. You guys want to, you know, support us. We'll be open again next year when we get some snow. So that's that's the biggest thing is just, you know, Keep Skiing!

Paul Sanchez:

The snow report is out. Lack of snow brings in loads of support from other ski areas across Montana. So grab your pass and hit the slopes.

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