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Lost dog that brought Butte community together finally captured

Posted at 8:52 AM, Feb 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-20 10:54:53-05

At around noon on Friday, rescuers brought Brody, the lost puppy who captured the hearts of Butte citizens, to the Butte Veterinary Center. An update from the veterinary center said that Brody is in good condition.


Just before rescuers captured Brody, Bruce Pedersen, the vet on standby, talked about what to expect when Brody was brought in. "If there is medical attention needed. . . so yeah were just prepared for any treatment necessary or stabilization or rehydrating- anything that would be necessary so yeah it has become quite a human-interest story indeed," Pedersen said.

Brody captured the attention of many in Butte and around the state as a small group of dedicated volunteers continues to try to lure him to safety.

The young dog became lost in the woods east of Butte after his owners were involved in a crash on Interstate 90 on February 11 and the dog ran away in fright.

Many volunteers searched for the dog, who was eventually found in a densely wooded area on February 14, but the animal was too timid to approach his rescuers. The Butte Animal Shelter donated a live trap to the crew to try to capture the scared dog but has had no luck.

Experts say a dog that has experienced a traumatic event like a car crash will often hide and be too afraid to approach people.

Rescuers declined to do an interview saying that bringing the dog home is more important than their story of rescuing him.