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Meet the chickens of ZooMontana (VIDEO)

Meet the chickens of ZooMontana
Posted at 12:42 PM, Nov 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-26 14:51:41-05

MISSOULA — We talked with Jeff Ewelt from ZooMontana to learn more about the zoo's resident chickens.

ZooMontana cares for more than 80 animals of 56 species, including Amur Tigers, Grizzly Bear, Wolverine, River Otters, Takin, and Canada Lynx, among others, most of which are rescues.

From the ZooMontana website:

What to Expect:
We take pride in our size! We’re small and we like it that way. Our mantra is “Quality Over Quantity”, meaning we focus on large, ideal habitats rather than how many animals we have. If you are looking for a big city zoo, you won’t find it here. Take a deep breath, enjoy the natural beauty and be in the moment.

Why no Giraffes?
ZooMontana only features animals from the 45th parallel (Montana), north, from around the world. This allows the animals to be outdoors the majority of their life.

Why are the Animals Here?
A good majority of the animals that call ZooMontana home are rescues. These include animals that have been permanently injured to animals kept illegally as pets. ZooMontana takes pride in giving animals a second chance. Those that are not rescues are a part of crucial breeding programs designed for species survival and genetic purity.

As one of the few Zoological parks in the country that does not receive public tax support, ZooMontana raises necessary operating funds through admissions, memberships, events, and private contributions.

Click here to learn more about ZooMontana, which is located off the I-90 Zoo Drive exit in Billings.