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Memorial held for 3 Billings teens who died in a crash

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Kylie Rae Larsen, 18, Conner Hunter Devere, 16 and Thomas Christopher Lindsay, 17.
Posted at 10:11 AM, Feb 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-27 12:22:38-05

Billings West High School students hosted a memorial on Friday for their three friends who died in a crash last week.

Students came together after school to share their memories about Connor Devere, Kylie Larsen, and Thomas Lindsay.

Kylie Rae Larsen, 18, Conner Hunter Devere, 16 and Thomas Christopher Lindsay, 17.
Kylie Rae Larsen, 18; Conner Hunter Devere, 16; Thomas Christopher Lindsay, 17

"When we were just little kids, every day after school, we'd race each other home," one student said.

"You know as Tommy told me when we were in class I was having a bad day, he told me to keep my head up. Keep pushing forward," another said.

"Kiley has been a huge part of my life and a huge part of my family's life," another said.

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"Connor was like a brother to me," another said.

"To see all of you come together this week has been inspirational beyond belief," another said.

They supported each other and appreciate the support they're receiving.

The student council organized the gathering.

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"The teamwork and the camaraderie and just the family-ness of West High has been crazy," said Connor Halligan, West High School student body president. "My speech was just coming together, and loving one another, now more than ever."

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"My message was mostly that we will get through this," said Kevin Halsey, West High School student body secretary. "You know, life will go on. It really hits home for me. I lost my mom when I was young. It feels good to be paying a favor, helping the community, a hurting community."

After the memorial, cheerleaders put up white ribbons with messages and names on the fence near the football field on 24th Street West.

GoFundMe pages have been created for the families of three victims:

There is also a GoFundMe for the family of sole survivor of the crash, Zac Malcom, to help with medical expenses.