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Mini horse racks up big vet bill recovering from illness in Gallatin County

“People in the Gallatin Valley and Montana care about animals,” said York.
Posted at 9:46 AM, May 05, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-05 11:47:41-04

BOZEMAN — Angel is a one-year-old mini horse from Texas who had a rough start in life—despite her small stature, she’s proved herself to be pretty tough.

“We call her Angel because she has angel eyes,” said Bill York.

Before Angel found herself a home at Cowboy Heaven Mini Horse Safe Haven in the Amsterdam area, she was living at a horse sale in Billings.

“They can pick up diseases at sales,” said York.

Bill York and his sister run the nonprofit, rescuing and rehabilitating mini horses, ponies, donkeys, and more.

“We will travel anywhere to pick up an animal that needs help,” said York.

When they rescued Angel, she was severely sick.

“She came with some bacteria, influenza,” said York.

Angel spent one week hospitalized until she returned home on May 2.

angel mini horse.jpg

But Bill says her recovery is far from over.

“She’ll probably have lifelong lung problems,” said York. “There’s a whole list of medicines she takes once or twice a day until she can start breathing better on her own.”

For a tiny horse, she’s acquired some big vet bills—$3,000 to be exact.

This little girl will have life-long medical bills.

That’s why Bill needs some help from the community to make sure Angel lives a healthy, happy life.

To find out more and learn how you can help, click here.

“People in the Gallatin Valley and Montana care about animals,” said York. “These little guys are expensive, but worth it.”