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Paranormal Cirque comes to Billings, showcases global talent

Paranormal Cirque
Posted at 9:06 AM, Apr 21, 2024

BILLINGS — The Paranormal Cirque came to Billings to perform its 13-years-and-older show on Thursday and will host performances until Sunday.

“(I) got knives thrown between my legs, in between my (arms) – blindfolded," said Teagon Kelsey, an audience member who was taken on stage for a practical joke portion of the performance.

What is described by cast members as a "circus with a Halloween skin on" received criticism by some Facebook users on Paranormal Cirque performance ads for being "demonic" or "satanic."

“We believe more in God than a lot of people that go to church," said Argentina Portugal, a fourth generation circus member from Mexico who swings from the ceiling while suspended by her hair with the circus.

Paranormal Cirque's talent noted that all the blood is fake, all "rituals" are merely performances, and the show is intended to resemble a mature Halloween, taking inspiration from horror circuses found in the owner's home country of Italy.

“I’m actually one of the only Americans here," said Jolee Russell, about the diverse makeup of the traveling show, "We have people from Brazil, from Columbia, from Venezuela, from Argentina, from China, from everywhere you can think of.”

The few members who were native to the United States said they became so enamored with the circus lifestyle, especially that of Paranormal Cirque, that they decided to "run off with the circus."

“It’s a very, I would say, family oriented business, where, y’know, people’s kids live here – with them - because everybody lives on the road, they live with the show," said Benjamin Holland, the show's general manager.