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Scuba diving in Montana? Yep.

Montana is known for its winter activities - but what about scuba diving?
Posted at 10:42 AM, Jan 05, 2024

MISSOULA — Montana is known for its winter activities - skiing and snowboarding - but what about scuba diving?

MTN News headed over to Missoula Scuba & Snorkel to learn all about how you can scuba dive right here in Montana.

The shop has everything you need to become a certified scuba diver. Once that happens, you’re ready to dive -- not just here in Montana but around the world.

“We do everything from certifications from top to bottom from just trying it all the way through professional,” explained Missoula Scuba & Snorkel’s Marc Dean. “We take people all over the state on different scuba local trips and we also do a lot of international trips as well.”

Along with having fun and going on adventures, Missoula Scuba & Snorkel also helps to keep our lakes clean and clear.

Back in 2022, they teamed up with a group of divers to make a big impact on Flathead Lake.

“Thirty six divers just volunteered to come out, then we went to Polson and took out over 900 pounds of trash,” Dean said. “Yeah, we think it’s our pristine Flathead Lake but there is quite a bit more that’s been down there for quite a few years. Two years ago, we went over to Blue Bay and took over 1,000 pounds of trash out.”

Learn more about Missoula Scuba and Snorkel by visiting the website.

And if you've ever wondered where the term SCUBA comes from - it's an acronym for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.