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'Selfie studio' opens in Billings

'Selfie studio' opens in Billings
Posted at 8:21 AM, Feb 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-19 20:59:35-05

BILLINGS — The first selfie studio is officially open to the public in Billings. Reach Selfie lets you take photos in front of different backdrops without leaving the studio.

“We’ve got 20 sets and we have two changing rooms so people can, you know, bring a couple different outfits,” said owner Tove Oblander.

The new business is at 712 Carbon Street, behind Asian Sea Grill.

Oblander designs each set while her husband Ryan builds them, which takes some time.

“Some of them were really quick, we were done in an hour. And some of them we finished yesterday,” Ryan Oblander said.

Attention to detail was important when creating the sets: “Everything was hand-painted, hand done. It wasn’t really something you could just come in and do as a mass painting job,” said Ryan.

The concept isn’t new as many large cities have selfie studios. Teens can pay $20 for an hour of infinite selfie-snapping while it’s $25 for adults.

Tove finds design inspiration from all over: “There’s been some inspiration online. Sometimes we’ve just been sitting at the dinner table saying, what should we put in this space.”

Each background has a different theme. They’re all lit with ring lights to give that selfie the perfect lighting.

“Every three to six months we’ll probably change things out, we’ll keep ones that are popular and then change ones out for the season,” Oblander said.

Tove hopes that both parents and kids can have fun trying something new.

“Why not find a middle ground that they can come be together and do something that everyone might like,” said Oblander.

If you want to reserve a ticket for a selfie session, click here to visit the website.