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Shed Hunt draws hundreds of people (video)

Shed Hunt - Sun River WMA
Posted at 6:27 PM, May 16, 2023

The Sun River Shed Hunt is quite the deal around the Rocky Mountain Front.

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People from all over Montana gathered together for the largest Easter egg hunt around. But it's not eggs they are hunting. It's elk antlers.

Reminds us a little bit of the land rush.

Basically, the elk have been winter and up here all winter, and the bulls have dropped their horns and the people are here to hunt some sheds.

This this is one of our favorite days of the year. We're going to we're kind of first here at the gate and we're going to go down through those other two other gates and and get across the meadow as fast as we can to get to some horns.

The road is packed with vehicles, horses and people for over a mile. Some have camped out for days to be one of the first to the gates and search for the lucrative elk antlers we stayed in.

Yeah, I was in a tent and she was in her truck down the road. Yep. I'm here for the views more than the antlers. But and to see the area but yeah, you know, it's an excuse to be here, right?

The fence line were covered with people scanning the horizon, looking for those hidden gems. minutes away from high noon. The horses and people are ready to go. The gun went off, and they were on the hunt. The horses took off, and the vehicle started to pour in.

After many hours scouring the mountainside, the prizes started to make their way down. You could see how proud these folks were in finding their antlers from young to old. They were grinning from ear to ear. The kid at heart and all of them was exciting to see.

I'm proud to say I'm from Montana and hopefully next year I will find an antler as well. From Sun river Wildlife Management Area. I'm Paul Sanchez for MTN News.

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