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State golf champion returns to home course

Golf State Champion Returns to Home Course
Posted at 8:31 AM, Mar 06, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-06 10:47:13-05

SHELBY — In the video above, reporter Paul Sanchez talks with Jarod Anderson of Shelby.

There's a golf course just south of Shelby. That's a true hidden gem to add to that sparkle this year, a hometown state champion and PGA member in training has come back to his home course.

I was born and raised in Shelby, Montana. I've grown up playing all sorts of sports, I think it's just something my family's always done. Kind of goes back to that. Me being a third generation kind of working down here. My grandparents, both sides always golf down here. So I was either just tagging along, you know, and swinging one club around, putting on the greens with them. I'd come down as much as I could with my parents whenever they were down here shares Jarod Anderson.

This sport has a lot of meaning to Jared. He has been able to learn and love the game of golf from his father and grandmother right here at Maria's Valley Golf and Country Club.

There was whispers, I guess you could say, through community members and just even people that had been around here and knew I was from Shelby and kind of had thought of it. So the board just kind of reached out to me as well as the general manager, Scott Lettermen, and reached out and said, maybe just even apply for it. Kind of see what you're thinking if you like it don't necessarily have to take it, but interview and everything went so well and it just felt right was too great of an opportunity to even think about it and didn't even hesitate coming back.

Playing since the age of four and working on his PGA Membership at his home course is a dream come true for this Coyote from Shelby.

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