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Student charged after loaded gun found at Helena school

cr anderson middle school in helena
Posted at 6:40 PM, Apr 24, 2024

HELENA — On Tuesday, April 23, a loaded gun was found in the backpack of a student at CR Anderson Middle School.

The Helena Police Department released the following information:

On 04/23/2024, officers responded to the 1200 block of Knight for a report of an individual who was located with a loaded handgun in their backpack.  School Officials located the handgun in the search of a backpack and contacted the School Resource Officer. 

The School Resource Officers began their investigation into the matter.  In cooperation with the Helena School District, it was determined that there were no immediate threats to students and staff.  The juvenile was released to a guardian pending further investigation.

The officers continued their investigation and spoke with other witnesses to gather further information, which led to criminal charges against the juvenile.  On 04/24/2024, a juvenile male was placed under arrest for assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon on school property, tampering with evidence, and theft.  The juvenile did not brandish the weapon on school grounds nor did the juvenile make in-person threats to another student. 

The juvenile was transported to secure detention. This is all the information that will be released.

Abigail Buck is the parent of a seventh-grade student a CR Anderson, and feels the situation was not handled correctly by the school or the district.

“There was no lockdown done even though there was a loaded weapon in a kid’s position. I wish they would have, so that way everything else could have been searched to make sure there was not anything extra,” said Buck.

In a letter sent to parents that night, the district said the gun was found during a search of a student’s property.

School leaders said the search was initiated because the student appeared intoxicated.

When the weapon was found it was immediately secured by the School Resource Officer.

"The juvenile did not brandish the weapon on school grounds nor did the juvenile make in-person threats to another student," said Helena Police in a release.

CR Anderson’s principal sent a letter to parents immediately following the incident and parents across the district were notified later in the evening.

According to HPD, the male student was placed in care of his guardian that night and arrested the morning of Wednesday, April 24, and sent to a secure facility.

After the incident, Buck gave her daughter another layer of protection in case of a repeat situation.

“I got here a bulletproof insert and she now carries this in her binder every day. It sits in there to keep her protected,” Buck said.

Helena Public Schools made emotional support resources available to CR Anderson students and staff the following day.