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Students in Shelby got a cheesy surprise

Students in Shelby got a cheesy surprise
Posted at 6:19 PM, Feb 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-01 11:16:22-05

SHELBY — Last week, a fourth-grade class at Shelby Elementary School got a surprise that was “dairy” delicious - cheese curds delivered all the way from Wisconsin.

Every year the fourth-grade classes learn how to write persuasive essays. They work on sentence structure as well as creating good arguments, and this year the fourth-grade class decided to ask their superintendent for something big: a field-trip to the Ellsworth Dairy Cooperative in Wisconsin.

Shelby Schools superintendent Elliot Crump said, “I wasn’t caught completely off guard because I have had fourth-graders in past years write letters asking for different things or different trips.”

The students worked together, each writing a persuasive essay explaining why their class should be allowed to take a four-day road trip to Ellsworth.

But why Wisconsin, and why this creamery?

During social studies class recently, they have been studying the Midwest and the dairy industry, so the class naturally got excited about the cheese capital of the country.

And the Ellsworth creamery has a special place in the heart of the fourth-grade social studies teacher Kristin Wiederrick, who has family in Wisconsin.

She noted, “We love the cheese, and we actually can purchase it at the Albertson’s here in Shelby, so we thought it was a really good tie for the kids.”

Students in Shelby got a cheesy surprise
Students in Shelby got a cheesy surprise

Unfortunately, the school district couldn’t afford a nearly week-long field trip - but the superintendent came up with an alternative.

“They have an online application where you request donations and tell them your story, so I went online and did that, and they got back to me within a few days,” said Crump.

And last Tuesday, Crump made his way down the hall with 10 pounds of donated cheese curds.

And the kids loved it.

“We were really bummed at first knowing that we couldn’t go on the trip but when we got the cheese it was awesome!” said one.

“The cheese was absolutely a 10 out of 10. So good!” said another.