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"The Last Best Box" delivers Montana right to your door

Posted at 1:02 PM, Nov 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-09 15:02:16-05

MISSOULA — As consumers change their buying habits, subscription boxes are gaining major traction - you pay a monthly or bi-monthly fee, and a box of curated products is delivered to you at home.

You can get a subscription box for almost anything - pet supplies, fashion, food, art, you name it - but one you may not be familiar with is made right here in the Last Best Place.

“Montana has some pretty awesome businesses, some awesome products, the Made In Montana program is great too, so I just decided to start one with a Montana theme,” said Scott Sacry, owner of The Last Best Box.

A Stevensville resident, Sacry began The Last Best Box a few years ago, gathering products from nearly 100 vendors across the state, organizing boxes filled with Montana-made goods, and sending a little bit of our home to his customers every two months.

“If you can imagine, there are people that make all sorts of things, from a single person making gloves to somebody like King’s Cupboard out of Red Lodge who has a national distribution of hot fudge.”

Each box contains a handful of products that change with each shipment. Customers can sign up for a subscription and receive a box every two months. They also have the option to purchase one-time boxes - or send them as gifts to people who long for a taste of Big Sky country.

With encouragement from health officials to stay home an spike in online shopping. That being said, The Last Best Box is doing remarkably well amid the pandemic, and they’re taking that success and spreading it around.

“If you buy our snack box, for example, there are six different businesses that have six different groups of employees that are all in Montana, so it’s a perfect way to explore new products and also help different people, different businesses in Montana,” said Sacry.

At a time when shopping locally is easier said than done, you may consider The Last Best Box as an easy way to support our Montana's economy.

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