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Three Forks couple loses everything in fire, community rallies to help

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Posted at 1:14 PM, Mar 06, 2023

Trisha Kilmer and Jessie Fringer were getting settled into their home after being gone for a funeral when things took a bad turn.

“We had just gotten back from Arizona, and we were dealing with his father's passing,” says Trisha Kilmer. “I smelled smoke but I thought it was just the stove or the little heater and then he saw smoke rolling through the return, air return and opened the door and the entire south side of the trailer was already on fire."

The RV in Three Forks which they had called home for months since moving from Arizona burst into flames on Thursday; now the only thing left is a skeleton of their home.

“Everything we own, clothes, wallets, credit cards, IDs, everything. Her mom's jewelry and her mother's ashes,” says Fringer.

Trisha and Jesse say that they didn’t know many people since moving to Montana, but since the fire neighbors and strangers have stepped up to help.

“The Travelodge here has given us a few nights and we had an anonymous donor pay for a fifth night,” says Kilmer.

Since losing everything, they are now looking to start their life over from scratch. 

“The Red Cross has come out and talked to us and given us the essentials and blankets,” says Kilmer. “Some of our neighbors brought us water and some food, and this is a borrowed jacket, and we have a couple articles of clothing from neighbors.”

If you would like to help out, a friend of the couple has launched a fundraising page.


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