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TOPP Equine Services healing horses in Stanford

TOPP Equine Services healing horses in Stanford
Posted at 9:29 AM, Dec 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-26 10:24:56-05

Jennifer Shields started TOPP Equine Services in Stanford more than five years ago, but has been certified for 18 years. She said this has been a lifelong dream of hers.

“TOPP Equine Services is an Acuscope Myopulse rehab facility and mobile services, we also do some nutritional consulting for rehab purposes,” said Shields.

Jennifer, along with her husband and children, created this family-run business to better the health and quality of life for all horses.

TOPP Equine stands for “Totally On Purpose Performance.” Their goal is to heal horses quickly and safely for them to return back to work or play to their best ability.

“We take in all kinds of injured horses, whether they're performance horses or just a backyard ranch horse, and the Acuscope therapy is FDA approved to heal things 50% faster than their body naturally can using electrical therapy. We get a diagnosis from the vets and then we work towards rehabilitation,” Shields said. “A lot of my horses come from performance backgrounds, so I just finished national finals rodeo and those horses have all been in rehab and successfully went back to work, and so that’s the fun part about what we do.”

They have several success stories from over the years, including healing horses that were initially given a diagnosis of needing to be euthanized, but made almost a full recovery with TOPP Equine’s rehab services.

“With the therapy that we use, the Acuscope Myopulse therapy system, it's one of the coolest modalities and best modalities out there for therapy because it allows the body to heal and it just makes the body work at the very best that it can.”

Shields said plans to open a trade school based on this equine therapy system are in the works.

“I love teaching younger generations and I do a lot with the 4H and younger kids. I love to teach them about different opportunities in the horse industry. I feel like there's enough horses in Montana, we should have more of this here, so we hope to be opening that here in the near future in 2024.”

For more information, you can contact Jennifer Shields at (530)410-3411 or click here to visit the website.