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Video shows good samaritan guiding horses to safety as Bridger Foothills Fire spread

Posted at 6:19 PM, Sep 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-09 12:00:36-04

It’s been four days since the Bridger Foothills Fire burned through Bridger Canyon, and with a fire comes devastation and great loss. But it also gives the community a chance to come together and show just how selfless people can be.

“We were told by police officers that no one was going to come up and get us if we got trapped, so we knew the danger walking into it. We weren’t trying to risk anybody’s life but we also just wanted to get the animals and get out sort of thing,” said Teresa Ball.

On Saturday Ball, 24, knew there were horses and other livestock in danger as the fire was quickly spreading and immediately jumped into action.

“I got a call from a friend and they didn’t have a trailer to get them out, so we knew that there was some loose horses up there, so we decided to go down Jackson Creek to look for them and as we went down there we met a bunch of people on the way and we got a bunch of halters and just started walking down the road,” Ball explained.

And because of her act of kindness, Teresa and her friends were able to save countless horses and livestock that might have been caught in the fire.

“I really just hope that it shares a positive message and they know that there’s a bunch of us out there that maybe don’t live on Bridger Canyon Road or Jackson Creek but we’re all ready to help and jump in if need be and honestly, you know, willing to do mostly anything for everyone,” she said.

And Teresa only used the resources she had.

“There was ash and embers falling, and it was pretty crazy. It was super-surreal and in a way it was really nice that we all had masks from COVID because we just kind of put our masks on and tried to limit our exposure in that way,” she explained.

There are several ways you can still help victims of this fire by donating to the Bridger Foothills Fire Relief Fund.