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WATCH: Yellowstone National Park hit by flooding

Video: Yellowstone National Park hit by flooding
Posted at 5:08 PM, Jun 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-14 11:46:31-04

All entrances to Yellowstone National Park have been temporarily closed due to heavy flooding, rockslides, mudslides, and extremely hazardous conditions.

Park officials said in a news release on Monday, June 13, 2022, that no inbound visitor traffic will be allowed into the park until conditions stabilize and the park can assess damage to roads and bridges and other facilities. This includes visitors with lodging and camping reservations.

The park’s helicopter manager recorded aerial video from the park’s helicopter of the Gardner River and portions of the road between Mammoth Hot Springs and the North Entrance through the Gardner Canyon. Segments of the paved road are eroded and washed out in several places due to high water levels.

Yellowstone National Park superintendent Cam Sholly said: “Due to record flooding events in the park and more precipitation in the forecast, we have made the decision to close Yellowstone to all inbound visitation. Our first priority has been to evacuate the northern section of the park where we have multiple road and bridge failures, mudslides and other issues. Due to predictions of higher flood levels in areas of the park’s southern loop, in addition to concerns with water and wastewater systems, we will begin to move visitors in the southern loop out of the park later today in coordination with our in-park business partners. We will not know timing of the park’s reopening until flood waters subside and we're able to assess the damage throughout the park. It is likely that the northern loop will be closed for a substantial amount of time."

Park officials provided the following details:

  • Visitors planning on coming to Yellowstone in the upcoming weeks should pay close attention to the status of road conditions.  
  • Many park roads may remain closed for an extended period of time.  
  • Preliminary assessments show multiple sections of roads throughout the park have been either washed out or covered in mud or rocks, and multiple bridges may be affected.  
  • Multiple roads in the southern portion of the park are also on the verge of being flooded, further restricting access. 
  • With additional rainfall forecasted, the park does not want large numbers of day-use visitors stranded in the park.  
  • Strains on wastewater and water treatment facilities could become a factor and the park is taking precautions to ensure facilities are not failing. 
  • The National Park Service, surrounding counties and state of Montana and Wyoming will work with the gateway communities to evaluate flooding impacts and provide support to residents. 
  • Rainfall is expected to continue for the next several days. Flood levels measured on the Yellowstone River are beyond record levels. 

To receive Yellowstone road alerts on your mobile phone, text “82190” to 888-777 (an automatic text reply will confirm receipt and provide instructions); or call 307-344-2117 for a recorded message.